Why buy a truck camper ?


The convenience of slide in truck campers cannot be over stated. The ability to go anywhere your truck can go, park anywhere your truck can park, load and unload your camper in minutes with optional electric jacks, are just a few of the advantages of owning a slide in truck camper. Oh... did we mention you can also tow your toys.

Although a truck camper has many of the benefits of a motor home or a big travel trailer, there are some things that they do not have in common. A truck camper does not have to be registered as a motor vehicle nor does it require motor vehicle insurance or special road use permits. A truck camper does not need motor vehicle safety checks or expensive maintenance. Many of the fees, taxes, tolls and expenses that are associated with a motor home or big trailer do not apply to slide in truck campers. This leaves you with more options for your camping adventures

Any Time
A slide in truck camper equipped with the all weather package will keep you cozy. See the great outdoors in the winter. Whether you like snowmobiling, skiing, or ice fishing, todays truck camper can make your winter trips much more enjoyable.

The evolution of the truck camper has been remarkable. With improvements of appliances and support equipment, including a full range of climate control options, Today's truck campers rival motor homes in their convenience and comfort without the high cost of maintaining a motor home. East End Campers stocks many different models and floor plans at its Long Island location. Come see why slide in truck campers are becoming so popular among adventurous campers everywhere.

The North American continent is a vast place abundant with natural beauty. Much of this scenic wilderness can be viewed from the roads and highways that traverse it. In addition to what we see from road there are also many beautiful sites accessible to good 4X4 vehicles. East End Campers offers a wide variety of truck and camper packages to fit the needs of our customers. Our line of pickup trucks are ordered with the right suspension and power options needed for trouble free traveling. We rig each truck as if it were our own, so you can be assured that the safety and performance of your truck camper combination will meet or exceed your expectations. Please see our Happy Campers page for customer testimonials.





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